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People's jobs ABC Poster by June Armstrong

£14.95 £10.95

Got a little one learning the alphabet? It's easy with this delightful jobs related ABC poster. From 'A' for astronaut to 'Z' for Zookeeper, June Armstrong's crisp drawings will keep your toddler entertained and stimulated. 

Both lower and upper case letters are displayed enabling babies and toddlers to familiarise themselves with all the characters of the alphabet from an early age.

The poster is REALLY Giant at 100 x 75 cms (40 x 29 inches) and is an ideal size for your baby or toddler to see the beautiful images and letters from their cot or bed.

Posters are printed on superb quality 150 gsm cartridge paper sourced from sustainable forests.

Children love to discuss the pictures with you as they learn their ABC!

Available in GIANT size 1000 x 750mm (40 x 29 inches) on 150 gsm paper.

We're proud to remain a full 50% bigger than competitors and at a cheaper price! 

And remember FREE UK Post + Packing when you buy 2 or more posters!

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